NORTH EAST LONDON M.C.C Motor Cycle Trials Club Founded 1925 Affiliated to the South Midland Centre of the Auto cycle Union
NORTH  EAST  LONDON  M.C.C      Motor  Cycle Trials  Club             Founded   1925Affiliated to the South Midland Centre of the Auto cycle Union

Feet-Up-For Cancer Charity Trial Totals

  2014           Macmillen Nurse charity                   £ 3700.00

  2015           Children with Cancer UK                   £ 2456.76

  2016           Prostate Cancer UK                            £ 1746.00

  2017           World Child Cancer charity              £  2603.37

  2018           Teenage Cancer  Trust                      £  1900.00

  2019           Alziemers and Dementia society     £  1480.00

  2020           Sadly the Feet-Up-For Cancer charity trial has been  cancelled owing to the Coronavirus . Thank you to everyone that supported the trial in the past,  riders, observers  the landowners and all the people that donated to the charities, thank you all.                                 Entry you can enter and pay on-line at the ACU web site ( ) under the "Club Event Entry" section. ( at the top right hand side of the page ) make sure you have your bank credit card and your acu trials registration card at hand .

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The North East London  Trials event dates for 2022 are,

The Robbie Trial   6th March   10.30 Start   Bayford Wood  For results click on result tab above.


Feet Up For Cancer  Charity Road trial    10th April  Colliers End, near Ware Herts. start. Entry is now open on the ACU website.  this trial caters for road trial riders and for riders that cannot go on the road with 4 laps of 10 sections on private land with no road work and all classes.


The Lamb Trial   16th October   Bayford Wood   Meteor Group Trial  10.30 Start

The Weller Trial   11th December  Bayford Wood  10.30 Start












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